General Meeting Topics

Another upcoming topic at Tuesday’s General Meeting is rumored to be a new website. Supposedly, the kinks are being worked out to unveil it to meeting attendees at Cadman Church. This site, as discussed at last week’s All-Committee Meeting, will complement the Google groups and introduce the first central location — online or otherwise — for our budding co-op. We’d like to take a quick second to salute the IT Committee for all their work on the new site*! We’re certainly excited about the possibilities!

The blog will continue in its current incarnation until we are able to solve our RSS issues with the new site, so continue to check here often. It’s been great to see so many new visitors this week! Also a reminder, don’t be shy, feel free to drop a line in the comments!

* This wasn’t a slight against the other committees in any way, as all continue to do stellar work towards making our vision of a local food co-op come to life. For those on other committees, make sure to drop us an email about what’s going on in your committee and we’ll be happy to put up a post to let readers know about your progress!


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