The Dangerously High Price of Food

One reason, we’re sure, many people have become involved or expressed interest in our neighborhood endeavor is the cost of food. Recently, with the oil crises as well as rising demand the world ’round, many of us have begun to experience sticker shock at the supermarket checkout counter.

Collectively, we hope to provide the Fort Greene and Clinton Hill residents with a less expensive option for filling their cabinets – and their stomachs, which is ultimately more satisfying – with high quality food.

The most recent issue of TIME magazine takes a look at the factors which are causing money to disappear from our wallets more quickly than we’d like. On the second page is a disturbing graphic about how much prices have risen on some staples and more common purchases.

So, tell us, what do you think is the greatest factor in rising food prices? Have you seen your food bill increase in recent times? What is the most efficient way to bring prices down a bit? What can a potential food co-op do to provide some relief? Tell us in the comments!


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