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April 15th Meeting

Come to Cadman Memorial Church (Lafayette Avenue between Clinton and Vanderbilt) on Tuesday, April 15th at 7pm for an informational meeting about the Clinton Hill/Fort Greene Food Coop. Learn about what we’ve accomplished so far and find out how you can help get this food coop up and running. This short meeting will give you a chance to meet all of the dedicated people who are motivated to make this coop a reality.


Minutes From the 3/31 General Meeting

[Download a PDF version of the meetings here.]

Fort Greene/Clinton Hill Food Coop General Meeting
Monday, March 31
7-8:30 p.m.
Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church
85 South Oxford
Brooklyn, NY

Facilitator: Erin (Merchandise and Steering Committee)
Secretary: Veronica (Governance and Outreach Committee)

Start time: 7:05pm called into order by Erin

Meeting Orientation
-Erin welcomed all attendees, appox 50-60 people, and to show a raise of hands for first time attendees and who were on committees
-appox. 1/4th of meeting were first time attendees
-appox. 1/2th of attendees were on a committee
-Erin introduced meeting

  • there is lots of interest for this new coop, meetings since January, over 250 people have filled out food survey, over 500 people have signed petition, introduced DK (SC) and Kathryn (SC, OC, FS) as the cooker uppers for this new coop
  • each committee explained and formed quickly
  • trying something new in this meeting in contrast from last meetings by be able to vote on some agenda items and be involved
  • assuming for today‚Äôs meeting that everyone here is a member
  • introduced that we would be talking about meeting structure (talk and vote) and principles of this new coop

Facilitator/Secretary Choice
-Erin explained the roles of the proposed facilitator and secretary roles
-these roles were chosen beforehand for this meeting
-any objections to Erin and Veronica holding their respective roles?
-no objections

Presentation of Main Agenda and Pending Agenda Queue
-Erin discussed how in the future the agenda items will be available with ample time before GM

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