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Brooklyn Paper article

Brooklyn Paper

More coverage in the Brooklyn Paper today. (Branching Out, The Brooklyn Paper)


A Flyer For Posting

Coop Flyer

Courtesy of the Membership/Outreach committee, here’s a handy flyer you can print out and post in your building, at the laundromat, in the subway station near your apartment, or wherever people might see it:

Must Reads

How To Start A Coop

The web is full of helpful info on how coops work and how to go about setting one up. Catch up on your reading before we meet with Joe Holtz of the Park Slope Food Coop on Thursday! Here are a few places to get started:

  • What Are Coops? – This page from the National Cooperative Grocers Association gives a brief overview of the goals of a food coop.
  • How To Start A Cooperative – Info from the National Cooperative Business Association on how to begin a new coop.
  • How To Start A Food Coop – A more thorough look at the steps involved in setting up a food coop.

Update: Ken from the PSFC sends along some more helpful reads relating directly to how the PSFC works (thanks, Ken!):