And So It Begins…

Shot of the first co-op meeting

Last night’s meeting was a great start! Over 40 people showed up with ideas and energy, and we’ll be posting the minutes soon for those who couldn’t be there. Also: Mark you calendars, we’ll be meeting again at the LAPC on Thursday, February 7. (Photo via General Greene)


6 responses to “And So It Begins…

  1. May be too soon to know, but will membership be run like the PS Coop? Membership dues + mandatory work shift for each adult member of household?

  2. Hi Lea – We are leaning in that direction. Bare in mind the flexibility we will have so that all people may work within their limitations.

    Park Slope doesn’t have dues, FYI. It has an ‘investment’ of $100 which is made one time and is refunded if/when you leave. I am personally against a dues system (ie reducing working) because it increases the need for employees which decreases the savings – for all of us.

  3. Without requiring everyone to work, the best the place can hope to be is a high-priced local store, where most people aren’t involved in the place. To really foster involvement and a sense of community, and to offer very low prices, everyone who walks in the door needs to pitch in. That’s cooperation!

  4. Absolutely. Also, a working coop is democracy in action. Imagine if, as an American citizen, you had a choice: to pay and get the benefits of citizenship or work for them as a volunteer. The first is a passive relationship, the latter is one is active – responsive and engaged.


  5. I must agree with those promoting an investment and working membership. Not only does it bring us together as a community. It also avoids some of the more unatractive aspects of the devide that develops between those who can afford to pay their way and those who could not. Maybe a grace period of somekind could be allowed for a determined number of days per year one can “cash in” a work shift.

  6. Ann Macdonald

    I am so excited about the Ft. Greene food coop possibility and will attend the next meeting 3/31. I am a member of a food coop in VT, where we have a second home. That model and another one in Nashville where I have shopped are based upon some workers and others who only pay a yearly membership. Those who “work” get a higher discount than those who do not. Both sell mostly organic produce but parts of the stores resemble the” high end gourmet” aisle. I will bring the newsletter from the Brattleboro coop to our next meeting. Thanks to all the original organizers! See you soon! Ann