Comparing Food Prices

Over on General Greene, Jim has whipped up a handy little chart comparing prices at the Park Slope Food Co-op to Fresh Direct. A few of his findings:

Item                                     Fresh D.         PSFC
Haas avocado                                 1.99                     1.21
Organic bananas                           0.89                    0.69
Broccoli rabe                                  3.49                    2.06
Organic baby carrots                       2.49                    1.32
Red grapefruit                                 0.74                     0.55
Red onions                                        1.49                    0.59

Yet another reason to bring a co-op to Fort Greene: Better produce at lower prices!


One response to “Comparing Food Prices

  1. There’s only one way to get prices that low: Run in a truly cooperative manner, i.e. where everyone who shops there also works there. That is how the PSFC can operate so efficiently. The coops that have abandoned this model and are cooperative only in name tend to have excessively high prices as a result.