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Minutes From The 1/23 Meeting

The following are the minutes from the Clinton Hill/Fort Greene co-op’s first open meeting:

Clinton Hill/Fort Greene Co-op Committee

Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, January 23, 2008
7 p.m.
Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church

Present: DK Holland, Kathryn Zarczynski
Others Present: Tisch James, Meredith Almeida


  • Meeting called to order by DK at 7:10. Group was assembled in a semi-circle. Approx 45 neighbors in attendance.
  • Discussion of two co-op types: Working and Dues Paying. A poll reflected most members wanted a working coop yet a few wanted a due paying. Some attendees wondered if a hybrid approach would be possible. There was a discussion of the two options. DK stated that the Park Slope food co-op would only be able to assist if the new co-op declared itself committed to becoming a working co-op since that’s what they are.
  • General census of which kind of kind of co-op people are most interested in starting.
    Consensus is with working co-op.
  • Presentation of price comparison between Park Slope Food Co-op prices and Fresh Direct prices showed costs were about 50% higher with Fresh Direct. DK stated that the Park Slope Food Co-op only marked up items 20%, meaning that Fresh Direct may mark up items as much as 70%.
  • Discussion of what we will need going forward: Membership growth, capital and other funding, physical location and a lease.
  • Discussion of timeline. It was agreed we would aim for a year at the latest.
  • 8 p.m., DK moved that the group split into subcommittees, with each subcommittee having at least 2 current members from the Park Slope Food Coop so they could inform the others of how PSFC works.
  • The group divided into three subcommittees: Outreach/Membership, Business/Finance, Location/Lease

Future Business:

  • Scheduled next meeting for 7 p.m. on Feb. 6 (date was later changed to Feb. 7) with reported anticipated from each group.

Minutes submitted by Scott Lamb


And So It Begins…

Shot of the first co-op meeting

Last night’s meeting was a great start! Over 40 people showed up with ideas and energy, and we’ll be posting the minutes soon for those who couldn’t be there. Also: Mark you calendars, we’ll be meeting again at the LAPC on Thursday, February 7. (Photo via General Greene)

Comparing Food Prices

Over on General Greene, Jim has whipped up a handy little chart comparing prices at the Park Slope Food Co-op to Fresh Direct. A few of his findings:

Item                                     Fresh D.         PSFC
Haas avocado                                 1.99                     1.21
Organic bananas                           0.89                    0.69
Broccoli rabe                                  3.49                    2.06
Organic baby carrots                       2.49                    1.32
Red grapefruit                                 0.74                     0.55
Red onions                                        1.49                    0.59

Yet another reason to bring a co-op to Fort Greene: Better produce at lower prices!

First Meeting

It’s happening: We’ll be holding our first meeting about The Fort Greene Clinton Hill Food Co-op on January 23rd. It’s an open meeting, so please help spread the word and come with your ideas. Get in on the ground floor!

Our big questions: Why do we need/want a co-op? What will it take to start? What support do we have now? What will the structure of the co-op be? What’s on our wish-list? How can other co-ops help us?

When: Wednesday, January 23, 7-8:30 p.m.
Where: The Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church, 85 South Oxford (btw Lafayette and Greene/Fulton; map).